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Four Stinky Dudes on their Phones

One of my clients just returned from tour.

A month on the road with three other bands. Play a show, head to the merch table, build the fan base, support the other bands, load up, head to the hotel, shower, sleep for five hours, hit the road early and all day, load in, sound check, rinse, lather, repeat thirty times.

I wasn't sure what state his voice was going to be in.

I was very, very pleasantly surprised!! He of course took some time to rest and do nothing for a week before coming back in to see me. The first sounds out of his mouth were absolutely beautiful and balanced. I was impressed and relieved!

Then I remembered the time leading up to the tour, the hectic constant stress he went through dealing with various aspects of the music industry. He would have a whirlwind of a day, then come into my studio and close the door to all of that, intending to focus on the important tasks at hand. His brain would be 99% with me, but his body still carried the stress of his life outside …

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