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Inner Voice.

People come to voice lessons for as many different reasons as there are people who come to voice lessons. That convoluted sentence means that every single person is so, so wonderfully unique. Including you. Including me.

I am incredibly interested in the way we all process events in our lives and move forward, taking command of ourselves in compassionate ways. I just finished a book on a certain psychotherapeutic technique, and though I am not a therapist, my work with singers has helped me lean into this already present interest. I am aware that my clients do not want a therapy session from me, and it would not be a good idea for me to give them one. I stick to issues surrounding the voice in very tangible language. But, as the voice is the sound of everything within us, our inner world is intrinsically linked to not only the sounds we make, but the way in which we grow, learning and processing new information. Study of these topics helps me to be at peace with the diffe…

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